5 Photography Tips To Better Capture What You See

Action photography is a very specific skill and can sometimes feel daunting to new photographers. Action photographers often have to take a photo instinctively to capture good shots, without much time to prepare their frame or adjust the settings of their camera. It’s all about taking that one shot that will capture the moment. Whether it’s a sporting events, a family and friends game, or your dog running in the garden, there are some steps you can take before the event to insure you are ready to get the best photos.

shutterstock_39419371Tips to get better action photos

1. Do some research and check specialised blogs. For instance, if you want to get mid-air shots of your dog jumping to get a ball, check Jamiedavidphotography.co.uk about pet photography and get extra tips about your subject. 2. For sports, know the rules to anticipate the action and take great shots in a fraction of a second.3. Get the right camera. For action photos, you need a camera with easily accessible functions.4. Decide on your gear: using a tripod helps having sharper pictures but limits your movements. 5.Choose a shutter speed that matches the style you want: a fast shutter speed means sharper images but you will need more light.

Ready, set, click

Once you have your equipment ready and all your camera settings done, don’t forget to also enjoy the event. Think of great action photos you have seen, it is not all about having a perfectly sharp, perfectly lit photo, it is also about capturing a feeling. Whether it is the smile of the athlete who just won a medal, or your kid jumping in a pool, try to get the emotion as well as the action. Adding your personal creativity will help you take better photos, even if you don’t completely master the technical side yet.